TrayStatus 1.0

TrayStatus gives you information about the state of things in your system
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Using absolutely free TrayStatus you can quickly get information about the state of things in your system. The utility places four additional icons into your system tray. Each icon informs you about certain thing. One of them shows you activity of your hard drive measuring reading and writing data speed. You can view these speeds is special tooltip putting your mouse cursor over this icon. Other three icons show if Scroll lock, Num lock and Caps Lock are active. IT they are active icon is place into green square. By default the utility shows all four icons in the system tray, but you can edit file “TrayStatus.ini” for hiding any of them. The advantages of this application are tiny size and very low system requirements. Nevertheless the program has serious lack of functionality. Almost all modern keyboards has special indicators that shows status of Scroll lock, Num lock and Caps Lock and you don’t have to overload tray with useless icons. Also the latest Windows operational systems include methods for showing workload of hard drives.

Ilya Barmenkov
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  • Tiny size


  • Lack of functionality
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